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eBay Affiliate Program—Now Open to WordPress & Blogger

January 18, 2013—Bloggers prepare yourself. eBay announced they have opened its affiliate program to bloggers using hosted platforms WordPress and Blogger. Previously, eBay had banned such blogging platforms because of required domain registration and validation but now the online marketplace is letting bloggers go wild.

Starting mid-February of this year, the ban on eBay’s third-party blogging platform will be lifted, allowing bloggers to start promoting eBay’s products through affiliate marketing. Earlier this week, Scott Parent, North American Communications Manager for eBay Partner Network informed affiliates that eBay will also pay compensation for any mobile traffic garnered from affiliate blogging. Until last fall when eBay began comparing traffic by classic versus mobile, the online marketplace clearly stated it would not pay for traffic from mobile devices coming from domains not registered with eBay.

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