Auto-Pricing Software for Amazon- The Pros and Cons

Whether you love it or hate it, auto-pricing software has been accumulating an abundance of attention lately on selling sites like Amazon and eBay. So what exactly is auto-pricing software? Automated-pricing software evaluates competition pricing and applies the most competitive pricing strategy possible. This convenient software helps sellers monitor and compare thousands of product prices with the click of a button. Customize your settings to accommodate your budget, products and prices so you never lose out on competition again. Although most merchants have different products, margin targets and competitors, Amazon’s auto-pricer is quickly becoming the most sought-after re-pricing tool on the market, providing highly flexible and customizable re-pricing platform for every seller.


Extremely easy-to-use

With complex setups and time-consuming learning curves, typical re-pricing software is tremendously difficult to use and understand. Amazon auto-pricer is not. With its extremely convenient and customizable re-pricing tools, Amazon auto-pricer gives users maximum flexibility over inventory pricing by automatically monitoring listings, analyzing competition and identifying potential opportunities for you. With Amazon auto-pricer, manually adjusting prices is a thing of the past with it’s cutting edge technology combined with simplicity.

Clever and Lucrative

Merchants using Amazon and eBay to sell online understand the importance of offering great products for competitively low prices. The hardest part of selling online is keeping prices comparable with others selling the same product. Amazon auto-pricer automatically gathers and analyzes competitive ratings using complicated computer algorithms to determine the optimal price for your product. Amazon auto-pricer offers the best re-pricing software in the industry and provides a profitable platform to groom your retail strategy. Amazon auto-pricer works great for sellers using Fulfillment by Amazon too!

Less Work, More Money

The whole purpose of using re-pricing software is to save time. Time is money and if you’re spending countless hours manually re-pricing products on Amazon or eBay you’re working harder not smarter. The solution is Amazon auto-pricer. It automatically competes with all sellers to offer the lowest price available. Besides offering extra advantages to make more money, Amazon auto-pricer enables sellers more time to worry about other aspects of their business.



Price Wars

While automated re-pricing software benefits millions of sellers everyday it does have its share of drawbacks, the biggest being price wars. A price war is when sellers of a similar product compete against each other for the lowest possible listing price. This may sound great to consumers but it’s a nightmare for online sellers. Price wars decrease the value of products and cut into profits and revenues for sellers. Remember to understand the value of all your products and know when to call it quits. You may have won the battle by getting the sale, but you lost the war by eating up all your profits and not making any money.

Cost of Software

Although auto-pricing software offers numerous advantages and benefits, it’s definitely not free. The charge of re-pricing software can cost upwards of $50-$200 a month depending on the amount of inventory items you have. Lately many companies have started offering free trial periods for the first 30-days. When deciding on what type of re-pricing software to purchase, make sure you understand how many inventory products it can monitor, and make sure it’s completely compatible and customizable for your online store.

Lowering Market Value

The purpose of using auto-pricing software is to compete at a high volume with other sellers. Re-pricing software helps ensure products are offered at the best market value while monitoring competitors pricing for similar products. However, problems occur when sellers compete for the lowest possible price, driving down profit margins and essentially wiping out possible competitors.

Just like anything else, Auto-Pricing software has advantages and disadvantages to using it. Although the pros outweigh the cons, learning and understanding exactly how Amazon auto-pricer works is vital to succeeding online. To find out more information on auto-pricing and re-pricing software for Amazon and eBay check out

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