Third-Party Sellers–Units Sold during Holiday Season Increases 40%

January 3, 2013—Santa may soon be out of a job. On Wednesday, announced third-party selling on Amazon grew more than 40 percent during the holiday season from the previous year. Amazon typically isn’t known for releasing their business metrics to the public so this comes has surprising news. In April, Amazon unexpectedly revealed the unit growth for all third-party sellers (U.S. and International) was up more than 60% in the first quarter of 2012.

Amazon’s Marketplace allows business customers (third-party sellers) to sell  items on Amazon for a monthly subscription fee plus a commission when the item is sold. Amazon reported earlier this month that over 26.5 million items were ordered worldwide on its peak day (Nov. 27. 2012), which is a record-breaking 306 items per second. There are currently around 2 million third-party sellers worldwide selling on Amazon.

Although Amazon wouldn’t release more information about third-party selling during the holiday season, they did however, reveal some “Sellers on Amazon Holiday Fun Facts”:

  • Third-party sellers on shipped items from around the globe to customers in all 50 U.S. States and countries worldwide from Aruba to Zambia.
  • Amazon’s third-party sellers sold enough Santa Hats for Santa to be able to wear a new hat every day for the next 137 years.
  • Amazon’s third-party sellers sold enough smartphone and tablet screen protectors to cover the field of every NFL stadium, four times over.
  • Amazon’s third-party sellers sold enough guitar picks to give one to every attendee of Woodstock.
  • Amazon’s third-party sellers sold enough mustache pacifiers to give one to every baby born in Washington State next month.
  • Amazon’s third-party sellers sold enough tea lights to keep a votive illuminated continuously for over 200 years.

Amazon is known for keeping a tight lid on their their business metrics and when asked how many of Amazon’s more than 2 million third-party sellers worldwide were located in the U.S., a company spokesperson Erik Fairleigh said, “at this time Amazon will not be discussing additional holiday or quarterly results for sellers on the Marketplace including the specific current number of sellers.”

How was the holiday season for you as a third-party seller? Were sales up or down?

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