Weather Conditions Impacting eBay UK Deliveries

eBay is giving UK sellers the benefit of the doubt. Earlier this week eBay issued a warning to users that harsh weather conditions in parts of the UK may affect postage delivery times. advised sellers to “manage buyer expectations” by updating them on possible weather-related delays. The Royal Mail website confirmed severe weather conditions could affect services in some parts of Wales and England.

eBay said it had been in contact with delivery providers and “they have informed us that they are doing all they can to ensure that deliveries are getting through.” Although eBay UK said it is not automatically removing negative feedback scores for late delivery, they did state if the seller has evidence to support the bad ratings were due to weather, they would immediately remove the feedback. eBay plans on monitoring detailed sellers ratings and taking corrective action if irregular increases in low dispatch time ratings across all sellers.

On Friday, the Royal Mail site stated, “Services are being disrupted today in many areas, especially the South West and in South and Mid Wales. Further details of areas affected throughout the day will be posted on our regional Service Update pages. We’ll be out delivering today but only in areas where this is possible and it’s safe for our people to do so.”


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