Why you Should Buy from Third-Party Sellers on Amazon

Buying and selling products on Amazon has become a phenomenon. It has become the perfect platform for buyers to purchase their favorite products at the right price. Although the product selection on Amazon is enormous, not everything sold on Amazon is from Amazon. More often than not items sold on Amazon are from third-party sellers than the retail giant. So why is buying from third-party sellers the way to go? We break it down with 4 simple ways.

First off, third-Party sellers, or 3 P’s, are individuals or businesses that sell
products. They are not employees or part of Amazon, but rather freelance sellers looking to sell their own products. Anyone not affiliated with Amazon is considered a third-party seller. For instance, you find your favorite book on Amazon and want to purchase it. When checking out you notice you’re not actually paying Amazon but rather an individual or company (Example:  DragonHeart LLC or Jake’s Store). This is buying from a third-party seller. It is buying a product on the Amazon website but not actually from Amazon. Although many people only want to make purchases from Amazon, buying from third-party sellers actually has its advantages.

  • Supporting Small Business

Whether you support Romney or Obama, Amazon is great vehicle for supporting small businesses. When you make a purchase from a third-party seller on Amazon you are actually helping a smaller business grow– kinda like shopping at a mom and pop’s store rather than Walmart or Target. Amazon gives smaller businesses the chance to use their traffic and marketplace to sell their own goods. Third-party sellers are individuals and businesses looking for another way to sell their products.

  • Better Deals

Typically, buying from third-party sellers can actually help you save money. Amazon sellers are always looking to get their store name featured first and their products in the buy box. To get featured in the buy box, sellers must not only have fantastic seller rating but great pricing. This is what helps buyers. Not only are you getting a better deal than Amazon offers, but you can save money on shipping costs as these sellers are looking for quick ways to distribute their goods.

  • Wider Selection

Although Amazon is known for having an array of products to choose from, normally third-party sellers are the ones with the biggest selection. Essentially, Amazon is like a swap meet. They offer their own goods but it’s the sellers around them that made up the selection. Because these third-party sellers normally specialize in the products they sell, they can offer more variety and selection than Amazon can. Especially for better prices!!

  • Accountability

One of the best parts of buying on Amazon is the accountability. If you’re order doesn’t ship on time or isn’t what you expected, you can always contact Amazon and get it settled. The only drawback is…its Amazon. They’re a giant corporation with hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls going on every day, so sometimes buyers are sweep under the rug. With third-party sellers, you as the buyer can see and inspect everything that seller has ever sold, their seller rating, and feedback to find the right seller for you. Third-party sellers are held to EXTREMELY tight guidelines and the slightest mistake can mean their storefront being suspended or banned, so customer feedback is important to them. Third-Party sellers are more willing to go the extra mile because they are constantly having to prove themselves with Amazon to increase their rating.

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