Will Altering Search Queries Affect eBay Sellers?

Appeagle.com–At the Big Data Summit 2012 in Sydney, eBay Vice-President of Experience, Search and Platforms let it slip that eBay was altering and rewriting users’ search queries. During that keynote speech, according to media giant ZDnet, Williams said, “Not only that, EBay uses big data to make predictions on whether a listed item will sell and how much it will sell for, which affects how high an item ranks on the auction site’s search engine.” Is this fair to sellers that eBay is rewriting search queries at will? How will your rankings be affected?

EBay and Big Data

With 180 million active buyers and sellers on its online marketplace, eBay processes a lot of data. We’re talking 350 million items for sale and 250 queries made at any given moment. This equates to about 10 petabytes of raw data. Now we find out that eBay is using this data to alter search queries?


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