Zazma–Your Online Funding Source

One of the major obstacles of buying products to sell is funding. Whether just starting out or looking to expand your business, owners need to have plenty of cash on hand. is a simple way for businesses to finance all the items they need including inventory, supplies, equipment and services in one! With mobile access, instantaneous approvals, and 100% payment guarantees, it’s no wonder Zazma is becoming the #1 source for funding among entrepreneurs.

How it works

One of the biggest benefits of Zazma is the elimination of traditional paperwork, endless forms, needless questions and painful waiting. Even when others won’t approve you, Zazma will give you credit based on what you want to buy, not on an out-dated, biased credit score. Just tell them what your business wants to buy, from whom, and when you want to repay them. Designed specifically for businesses’ day to day operations and expenses, Zazma is the most agile business funding provider on the  market today. 

Three Step Process

  • Tell Zazma what you want to buy
  • Zazma buys it for you
  • You get the goods and pay Zazma back later.


Why Zazma?The reason most people choose is the instant approval of financing. Within minutes buyers can be approved financing up to $5,000 per invoice and can choose when and how to collect their payments. Repaying with Zazma is a cinch with Zazma as they allow customers to choose when to repay and even offer discounts for buyers who pay back early!Sign up for Zazma today. Stop worrying about inventory finances and start getting the working capital you need!
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